The Infidel’s Handbook to Fucking Muslim Women, Pt. 1

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There is an enormous stock of gorgeous women in this world that is under the veil of a very conservative and misunderstood tradition. They come from many parts of the world, speak various languages, have various skin tones, and tend to be very curvaceous. These are the women from Muslim countries of the world. The Erotologist says it is our human duty as kafirs to open up these women’s legs, their minds, and their future horizons by teaching them something about the power of their own sexuality.

Persian Girl

In the end, many of these women are sexually repressed and looking for a strong man to lead her. Be this man.


The Erotologist first noticed that a strangely high percentage of middle-eastern women are very beautiful — such as the model in the picture above — and decided to do something about it. This installment will begin to describe who these women are, where you can find them, and part of what they like.

Who are they?

Muslim women in the West will fuck a Christian man with an intact penis, smoke cigarettes, drink liquor, and neglect prayer, but they will not eat any goddamn pork.


Think about that. Many Muslim girls come from a middle-eastern country with different social norms, different intellectual traditions, and unfair attitudes toward women, but they’re girls first and foremost.


Persian women, Turkish women, Moroccans, Arab Levant women: they are hot, they are neglected, and many have grown up in the western world with a very old and outmoded model for women. Many of these women are internally rebellious to the life path of their mothers — they do not want to marry right out of college, bear children, live at home and be bored to death. They don’t want to wear a hijab because it’s too damn old and it spoils their hair! Despite what traditions they’ve been raised in, they want careers, fun, experiences, independence and full lives. They dress like other hot girls you see, but maybe a bit more exotically.


Recognize those values? They’re not so different from western values. However, keep in mind that the cultural norms ingrained by the their respective countries and variant of the Islamic tradition, they may face internal strife.


Exploring women, language, and culture that is very misunderstood in the USA and Europe is a great experience.

In finding and fucking beautiful Muslim women, The Erotologist has a few recommendations:

  • * Go after foreign-born chicks. They’ve seen the remarkable difference in the value of women in the East versus the West, and they’re damn ready to exploit their freedoms in the West. Muslims born in the West take a lot more for granted.
  • Don’t go after virgins. Lots of Muslim girls have romanticized notions of love and sex, and the first sexual experience will be with someone who is marriage material and has built up a ton of time-equity. Unlike the Western world, virginity is valued and encouraged. Similar to how an adult will encourage a youngster to stay in school and get a master’s degree, that same “objective value” is applied to a woman’s virginity. The Erotologist finds this silly.
  • Hone in on the 25+ crowd. Many Muslim girls first sexual experiences are around 25 or so. Once her cherry has been popped, she starts to realize her sexuality is part of her arsenal of life experience, and one that is potent and enjoyable.
  • Shun the Indian FOB girls. They are statistically the most annoying and sexually diffident girls I’ve yet to meet. Their punishment is to not enjoy your dick and not enjoy the thrill of sharing in your life. This will be explored in a later post.

Where will you find them?

  • Corporate Networking Events / Industry Parties: They work where everyone does, particularly in the larger corporations if they require F1 visas to stay in this country. They go out the parties like everyone else does, particularly if there is a ton of liquor.
  • Middle Eastern-Themed Club Parties: Arab/Persian/Turkish dance fusion music is pretty damned popular, mixing what they know with a modern dance beat. Plus, these girls like to fucking drink.
  • Anything Bollywood: Bollywood is a bloody fucking blight on mankind, but many Muslim girls grew up on it. Drop a name like John Abraham, Rishi Kapoor, or Aishwarya Rai, and watch these girls coo like doves.

What do they like?

  • They like Italian waiters with pencil-thin facial hair: For some fucking reason, they really like scowling fruitcakes. If you’ve got a pencil-thin beard and have your finest Eurotrash clothes on, your game is strong. They associate this with a dangerous appeal.

A corollary to this is do not dress like a Southerner. Nobody should dress like a Southerner anyway — get rid of those fucking Birkenstocks, khaki cargo shorts, and Polo shirts you inbred skank-factory.

  • They like anal sex: Some particularly sex-deprived girls demand an ass-fucking so hard that they’ve bled. They can get excited, like any horny girl. Perhaps it has to do with history, when anal sex was a way to enjoy sex but still maintain one’s virginity intact. The Erotologist recommends using a lot of silicone-based lubricant and a medium pace.
  • They do not like swallowing your cum: They will take the porking, but will not swallow it. The Erotologist does not condone women who do not swallow cum.
  • They like to pick the men: Middle-Eastern women will hunt you down if they like you. As in, they will walk go from bar-to-bar to get you to talk to her. Muslim girls enjoy the sense of control of picking a man, but will not make the first move or any indication thereof. They often make hard-and-fast decision about men from a distance, based on their looks, their body language, physical movement & flexibility, their friends, and how they command social respect. Perhaps more so than Western women, they’ve already figured out who they’re going to fuck in the room.
  • The like to make men jealous: Often times they want to make sure you are as obsessed with her, as she is obsessed with you. She make come up with cues or suggestions to make you jealous. It is most important to demonstrate your exceptional lack of jealousy, by
  • They like to make you guilty: She will talk about her sacrifices for you, the late nights, all the weekends, how you don’t pay attention, how she’s tired and you should look after her — essentially trying to switch the game and playing a maternal role. This happens to be a fond game of the Iranian / Persian women.
  • They like strength in numbers: She will have non-Muslim friends, but often have best friends from similar Muslim cultures.
  • They like Western Men knowledgeable about the non-Western world: When actually engaging these girls, casually throwing references to Middle-Eastern culture, music, current holidays, pop culture, is a huge asset.
  • They like scary intact cocks: In the Qur’an, sex with a man who has an intact (non-circumcised) penis is considered haraam. If it’s dirty, then it’s so damn good. They find so much novelty and additional stimulation from the intact foreskin that they will chatter about it with their girlfriends nonstop, particularly their married friends.

There is much more to discuss, including how Fobbish or Whitewashed she is, and the many gradients that exist therein. The Erotologist will continue this analysis.

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5 Responses to ' The Infidel’s Handbook to Fucking Muslim Women, Pt. 1 '

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  1. tu Pac said,

    on July 10th, 2008 at 12:18 am

    Impressive article. Agreed with 98% of the stuff.
    I agree 100% with folowing observations:
    Muslim woman are mostly beautiful & they are enormous in stock & very few people get chance to eat their forbidden fruit or cherry. This is creating sexual unrest amongst main stream society who wants to have their fair share in what lies in btween muslim womans two legs. This is the reason why serbian people raped all musim woman in Bosnia for three years. well, Rape is against humanity & I personall hate it & can’t justify at any cost but this happened as a result of continuously growing sexual frustration for these beautiful woman. It was like sexual earthquake or sexual outbreak like lavae. There is a limit to how much you can torture your manhood. You keep seeing these beauties & feel helpless that you can’t even see their naked legs , let alone parting their legs for having good time with them.
    It is true, they will do everything except eating pork & giving blow job.
    I don’t agree that muslim woman are annoying & hard to find. There is sexual revolution going on Indian Muslim woman. Their husband go to gulf country for job & return after 11 months. They are easily preyed on by Hindus in India as they are curious to experience uncircumcised penis. The first generation muslim woman migrant to USA, UK, Canada & Australia are bit hard to find. There are two reasons; they don’t get horny untill they are trully settled in & they take more time to get over the moral dilemma they face before lowering their panty. It is like to be or not to be for them. But once some one open an account with them then they don’t look back. It is like, once lion taste the blood, he can’t just give it up. So, guys don’t give up on Indian muslim woman.Fiji Indian muslim woman are easy to get laid. Some woman even don’t mind if you share them with your friend as well.
    Most of the other stuff mentioned in article applies to all the woman.
    Muslim woman generally hate anal sex so I don’t agree with that part.
    But I enjoyed the article.

  2. Yasmeen Mian said,

    on August 17th, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    How about you give advice on how muslim girls can get an infidel to fuck them without making it too obvious?

    Sadly, the forbidden things are the hottest :(

  3. David Thomas said,

    on September 5th, 2009 at 1:31 am

    Interesting and funny read mate but not all true!

    ive shagged 4 muslim girls now and they all loved that i was a dirty ‘infadel’ defiling them.

    one was screaming to god during, was poking her while she was in mid prayer.

    generally muslim chicks do have tight holes tho, had to pull one down onto my cock, amazingly tight.

    best way to get into their iron knickers is tell em you’l help em to piss of their god, turns em on, like they’re dying to rebel.


  4. Infidel who fucks muslima sluts said,

    on September 24th, 2009 at 1:12 am

    Great article. What happened to part 2 of this series?

    Recently moved to work in several different Muslim country, and was fucking shocked to find how easy Muslim girls are for non Muslim cock, not just Christian white but black, Jewish and Hindu.

    And by easy I mean these bitches beg!!

    I agree about anal sex but it depends on the muslima you’re fucking. Indian & Pakitani girls don’t so much. Arab especially Saudi girls do.

    My friends (nonMuslim ones) have a rule now. We only target married women. Not only that, but newly married muslimas.

    Some of my notes to share:
    Easy – never met a girl anywhere in the world as easy as a muslim wife. Never. And I used to work in Latin America.

    Cost – both tupac and you are right. Lowering the panties of a muslim bitch is cheap. if unmarried usually takes a couple of dates before her legs open. Married bitches aren’t even looking for compliments. All they want is sex.

    Submissive- VERY submissive. If you’re looking for girl who is taking the lead in bed forget muslimas. They always tend to be submissive & VERY horny which makes them your plaything. I’ve introduced some rules for the ones I am banging. They follow them without question. After a few fucks, try getting her to show you “respect” by always meeing you in the bedroom on their knees and naked. She will do it no questions.

    Sharing – Arab and Iranian girls share stories with their friends. Tupac is right they will be happy to invite friends for threesomes and orgies. Arab & Iranian chicks regularly hold all girl parties where they “dress up” burqas, abayas, chadors only very revealing clothing. Get yourself an invite and you have a field to choose from.

    Begging – ever found these girls actually beg? And by beg I mean really really beg for sex?

    Scary/taboo sex- fuck you’re right about the scary uncut cock part. Not only that but they are turned on by fucking a non-Muslim guy who knows his facts about their culture/religion but also hates it. So don’t be ignorant. Do some research. It is the ultimate taboo for her to desire a Muslim-hating cock. If you’re so inclined feel free to swear degrade insult during fucking sessions.

    Iranian – skankiest of them all. Found them to be filthy and almost highest maintenance (which isn’t that much).

    Saudi- generally ugliest faces, but have a insatiatble appaetite for anal. They usually have great big booties from doing no work. Classic butterfaces.

    Maghreb – Very hot. Even rich Arabs know this and buy up large “stocks” of them for “marriage”.

    Algerian – very hard to find. Very beautiful.

    Levant- we all know about them. Lebanese & Syrian chicks are very westernized.

    Indian/Pakistani/Afghan – untapped source of sex. Not a Muslim city, but you’ll find Mumbai best place for these darker skin girls. America and British second generation pakistani and Bangladeshi girls are rekowned sluts. Bet you won’t find a girl anywhere who removes her clothes faster than a London Bengali chick.

    Egypt – very conservative society. Doesn’t stop them from cheating. Even fcked a big tittied hottie who was imams daughter.

    Malaysian – Malaya pussy is the easiest of the lot if you dig the oriental look.

    Turkish/Bosnian. Hottest of the lot and very easy going. But I found they have a serious guilt complex. Exploit it.

    Central Asian stans and Russia- anther untapped source. Uzbek girls are fine specimens.

  5. Elena said,

    on February 19th, 2010 at 2:16 am

    I dated asian guys for a while, but only realised how much of a turn on forbidden sex was when i slept with a white guy.

    I’ve now been christianized by holy scrotum water as he called it.

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